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Razzy Nippies

Sweet, creamy and lucious… “Nipple Nibblers” is bound to make your partner scream for more. You can use it up top, you can use it down low, you can use it in traffic when you drivin real slow (ROAD HEAD!). This flavored balm is delicious on ALL body parts, but be advised – a little goes a long waaaaaaaaaay. Lick it off the nipples for a freshy cool sensation that’ll drive the ladies WILD. Yum!

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Wet, Wild and Minty

Looking to add some excitement to your sex life without getting too crazy and out of your comfort zone? Get wet and wild with “Love Liquid Peppermint Lube”. It’ll get you and your partner ready for a rock hard and slippery ride. Not too minty but perfectly sweet, you can use this lube for foreplay and the main event.

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Cock Ring-O-Rific

After testing the “Macho Erection Maker” cock ring with vibrator, we found that it’s a real pleaser for the ladies.  A tester stated “it’s like having sex with a human vibrator!” There is a detachable, and very strong bullet vibrator that you can remove for much more variety, so you get a lot of BANG for your buck. Although it’s a tight fit for the gurthy boys, the vibratring pearls that reside inside the ring make the squeeze well worth it.

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